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Everyday Debit Card 

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Here's what a NetSpend Card Gives You:

Free $20 Cash when You Deposit Your First $40 

100% Approval

No Activation Fee 

Free Direct Deposits from Your Employer 

A Debit Card that Works Like a Checking Account 

 No Minimum Balance Required 

No Credit Check 

Free 'Cash Back' Option at Check-Out in Stores 

Plans as low as $1/Transaction or $5/Month 

No Minimum Balance Required to Pump Gasoline  

Pay All Your Bills Online for Free 

Get $20 Each and Every Time You Refer-a-Friend 

 Free 'Anytime Alerts' by Text Message 

Free 24/7 Online Account Access  

Free Life Insurance Policy with Monthly Deposit


Plan Fee Details


Why Use the NetSpend Debit Card:

  • Purchase gasoline with any amount of cash in your account balance.  NetSpend does not require a minimum cash balance!

Simply Pay inside at the cashier and tell them exactly how much money you wish to spend on gasoline to avoid the 'temporary authorization hold' typically used by gas stations that can tie up other funds in your NetSpend account for 3 business days when you swipe your card outside at the gas pump.)

  • You get $20 FREE CASH when you get a NetSpend Card using our referral code and deposit $40 into your new account.

  • You earn $20 FREE CASH for both you and your friends every time you send an invitation to a friend to join, who then adds $40 to their new account.

  • No limit as to how many times you can earn $20 FREE CASH by referring your friends.

  • While using the pay per transaction option during checkout, select 'Credit' on the keypad to make a Signature Purchase, or select 'Debit' and enter your PIN to make a PIN purchase.  The Signature Purchase fee is $1, while the PIN fee is $2 per transaction.

  • No minimum account balance means NO penalty fees deducted from you account -- ever.

  • You can pay all of your bills online for free 24/7. You can schedule a one-time payment, or set up automatic monthly payments. This FREE feature keeps more cash in your pocket because it means no more paying for expensive postage stamps and envelopes!

  • Select a plan as low as '1 dollar per transaction' or a '$5 per month'.

  • Free $10 overdraw cushion is available with your NetSpend debit card account, with no hidden fees.

  • Free direct deposits by your employer means no more check cashing fees.

  • Free direct deposit of government benefits like Social Security, SSI, SSDI or VA compensation. Also eligible are, Pensions, Retirements and some state Unemployment Benefits, too!

  • A FREE 'Savings Account' is available to you that pays you a generous cash Annual Percentage Yield.

  • You pay NO fee for sending or receiving cash with your card to any friend or family member that also has a NetSpend card account.

  • Get your IRS tax refund electronically deposited into your NetSpend account faster than a check, with no fee.

  • You can use the 'Cash Back' option at the store register and avoid expensive ATM fees.

  • Debit cards are always safer to carry than cash, since you can report your card as lost/stolen and have it replaced immediately.

  • Access your NetSpend account information from your cell phone or laptop 24/7.

  • You always get FREE bank transfers to your prepaid NetSpend account.

  • No overdraft fees to pay -- ever.

  • Card refills are accepted at over 100,000 card reload locations across America.

  • NetSpend debit card is accepted worldwide, wherever VISA / MasterCard are accepted.

  • Apply online in less than sixty seconds. Your new NetSpend card will arrive by mail in about a week.


    More than 7 million NetSpend card users can't be wrong! 


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Sorry, but this offer is open to new enrollment applicants only!
Current card holders are not eligible for the $20 cash bonus.



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See the prepaid card provider's fine print at NetSpend.com for official details either expressed or implied herein.  As usual, always read contracts before signing.

*Compliance with the US Patriot Act required for approval. See the actual card provider at NetSpend.com for official details.


1Every time a direct deposit is made to your card, NetSpend Life Benefits provides 35-Day Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage. See the actual card provider at NetSpend.com for official details.

By using this affiliate site you do hereby agree that we are not responsible for errors, omissions, outdated or misinformation and as such shall not be held liable in any manner. See official details at NetSpend.com.



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